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From smart-speakers and virtual bikes to robot vacuums and indestructible cables, here is the year’s most covetable technology. You can assemble one of three robots with this Lego-like kit, each fully mobile and equipped with an infra-red sensor to help it detect and interact with its environment.

UN climate talks in Bonn have concluded with progress on technical issues, but with bigger questions about cutting carbon unresolved. Delegates say they are pleased that the rulebook for the Paris climate agreement is finally coming together. But these technical discussions took place against the backdrop of a larger battle about coal, oil and gas.

Scientists Have Tried First-Ever Gene Editing Directly Inside a Patient's Body

At a car factory in this city named after Toyota, the usual robots with their swinging arms are missing. Instead, workers intently fit parts into place by hand with craftsmanship-like care.

Organic food production requires more land, but a study claims cutting meat eating and food waste will solve this problem. It won’t

An examination of 54 human brains suggests that adults don’t grow new neurons in the hippocampus, contrary to several widely accepted studies.

Artificial intelligence and computing are currently as competent (in some areas) as their human counterparts. At what point will they surpass us and what are the consequences?The advance and implementation of artificial intelligence is a mixed bag. Some applications may never be developed past a robotic machine that operates merely as a repetitive, assembly-line program tasked with making only basic adjustments to accommodate their environment.

The use of digital tools has increased, often dramatically, in 517 of 545 occupations since 2002, with a striking uptick in many lower-skilled occupations, according to a study released Wednesday by the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank.

A Vietnamese cyber-security firm has shown the BBC how a mask can be used to unlock Apple's new iPhone X. The demo took place about a week after Bkav first claimed to have undermined the handset's security. But other experts have cast doubt on what the "hack" amounts to.

The latest robot from former Google sibling Boston Dynamics looks like a cross between something out of a Terminator movie and a cutesy Pixar character. Shown off in a short teaser clip, the latest evolution of the firm’s SpotMini robotic dog has ditched the snapping-claw-for-a-head in exchange for a creepier headless design replete with soft, yellow plastics and eerily smooth movements.

The kind of blood you have could increase or decrease your risk of having a heart attack in response to high levels of air pollution, new research suggests. A variant ABO gene – which can only be found in A, B, and AB blood types – has been linked with elevated risk of heart attack during periods of significant air pollution, whereas people with blood type O show lower risk.

Most animals have natural body clocks that run closer to the 24-hour day-night cycle, plus or minus a couple hours, and light helps reset the body’s timing each day. But the three orb weavers’ body clocks average at about 17.4, 18.5 and 19 hours respectively.

Those at tech's bleeding edge know full well how dangerous products can be, according to MIT psychologist and author Sherry Turkle.

This Mesmerising NASA Footage Set to a 'Sound of Silence' Cover Will Give You Chills

The USA will benefit from improved air quality in the future, through actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions both domestically and globally.

Our galaxy may have billions of habitable worlds. A proposal to spread life says we should use giant lasers and light sails to send microbes out to them

New hypertension guidelines broaden the range of those considered to have high blood pressure and emphasize lifestyle changes to combat the condition.

The company’s most important smartphone in years does not disappoint, with Face ID and an all-screen design that spells the end of the home button The iPhone X is Apple’s most important – and most expensive – new smartphone in four years, bringing with it a significant change to the design, dumping the home button to usher in a full-screen experience. Thankfully, Apple nailed it.

"Studies on the risks of neonicotinoids have often focused on bees that have been experiencing population declines. However, it is not just bees that are being affected by these insecticides," said Christy Morrissey, U of S biology professor.

Rather than gluten, fructan molecules seem to be to blame for sensitive guts. If true, gluten-free people could eat soy sauce and sourdough bread again

Race to build ever-more-powerful processors edges the technology closer to being able to best traditional machines.

Computer modeling has helped a team of scientists, including several scholars from the University of Chicago, to decode previously unknown details about the process by which HIV forces cells to spread the virus to other cells. The findings, published Nov. 7 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, may offer a new avenue for drugs to combat the virus.

If we all abandoned traditional burials and instead were buried in nature reserves, the money raised could help preserve every endangered species on land

By correcting genes in stem cells and growing new skin in the lab, a new therapy repaired a genetic skin disease.

Richard Browning crossed a lake in Reading at more than 30mph.

Feds approve non-GM male tiger mosquitoes for sale as fake dads to suppress local pests.In a big step toward catching up with the rest of the world, the United States cleared the way for using mosquitoes as a commercial pest control for the first time.

A bizarre predictive text error has left some iPhone users unable to type the word “I”. Instead, every time they attempt to use the English first-person pronoun, it gets replaced by the letter A and an unprintable unicode character, typically rendered as a question mark in a box, but occasionally five horizontal bars instead.

Fossils of the oldest-known ancestors of most living mammals, including human beings, have been unearthed in southern England. Teeth belonging to the extinct shrew-like creatures, which scampered at the feet of dinosaurs, were discovered in cliffs on the Dorset coast. Scientists who identified the specimens say they are the earliest undisputed fossils of mammals belonging to the line that led to humans.

Modern birth control is amazing. It helps women take control of their reproduction, plan ideal periods, and manage pesky, painful symptoms. And with so many options - dozens of pills, five different IUDs, a super-effective arm implant, and more - it's easier than ever for most women to find contraception that works for them.

Recent reports of African and North American animal fossils bearing stone-tool marks from being butchered a remarkably long time ago may be a crock. Make that a croc. Crocodile bites damage animal bones in virtually the same ways that stone tools do, say paleoanthropologist Yonatan Sahle of the University of Tübingen in Germany and his colleagues.

The Closest Star to Our Own Solar System Just Got a Lot More Interesting. There could be many more planets over there!

A pair of researchers with Tel Aviv University and the University of Chicago has found evidence suggesting that fusing quarks can release much more energy than anyone thought. In their paper published in the journal Nature, Marek Karliner and Jonathan Rosner describe their theories surrounding the amount of energy involved when various types of quarks are fused together.

Tired of your dirty data habits? Here's how to regain control over your privacy and stop leaking more than you need to the big tech companies

Experiments in mice show Alzheimer’s protein can travel from the blood of an affected mouse to the brain of a healthy animal.

Broadband speeds are so slow, villagers say they are unable to do more than check emails and do a little browsing.

A fake version of the WhatsApp messenger app was downloaded more than a million times from the Google Play Store before it was removed. The app, "Update WhatsApp Messenger", appeared to have been developed by the firm behind the real program - WhatsApp Inc. According to users on web forum Reddit, the fake contained ads and could download software to users' devices. It has now been removed from the Play Store

Scientists Have Identified The Chemical That Suppresses Unwanted Thoughts in The Brain

The first crops of tomatoes and cucumbers grown inside electricity-generating solar greenhouses were as healthy as those raised in conventional greenhouses, signaling that "smart" greenhouses hold great promise for dual-use farming and renewable electricity production.

Particles from outer space have helped scientists uncover a hidden chamber within Egypt’s most famous pyramid, the first such finding in over a century

Human influence “extremely likely” to be dominant cause of warming in last 70 years, U.S. climate report finds.

Police forces admit many fixed speed cameras are off, with four areas having no active cameras.

With thousands to choose from, here are ten top podcasts that discuss advice on startups, entrepreneurs, financial planning for a new generation, marketing trends and more.

Odds are if you worked today, you also commuted.

By delivering solid financial results that beat Wall Street's expectations for both revenues and profits on Thursday, Apple Inc's CEO Tim Cook put to rest concerns that the company's flagship device, the iPhone X, wouldn't be ready in time for the holiday shopping season.

The apes in question were only reported to exist after an expedition into Sumatra mountains in 1997.Since then, a research project has unpicked their biological secret. The species has been named the Tapanuli orangutan - a third species in addition to the Bornean and Sumatran.

Ronald rarely uses his Nokia phone, but his grandchildren are pressuring him to get a smartphone. What’s the cheapest good option?You don’t have any needs, so you really don’t need to spend any money on a smartphone.

Researchers have discovered that bees can have a preference for left or right - influencing their decisions while they navigate obstacles in flight. Unlike humans, though, bees don't seem to favour one or the other across the wider population. But any individual bee could either be strongly left- or right-biased in equal proportion, and some have no preference at all.

Male mammoths really had to watch their steps. More than two-thirds of woolly mammoth specimens recovered from several types of natural traps in Siberia came from males, researchers report November 2 in Current Biology. Male woolly mammoths were more often caught in natural traps that preserved their remains, DNA evidence suggests.

The CEO is rewriting the rulebook on corporate leadership and philanthropy.

Spencer Rascoff, a founder of Hotwire, was in his 20s when he sold the company to Expedia for $700 million. But his employees didn't walk away with much money.

Space travel changes the human brain, reveals new research. Now scientists are trying to work out just what the long term effects are of changes in the brain during extended missions in space befor…

A new McKinsey Global Institute report finds that $12 trillion could be added to global GDP by 2025 by advancing women’s equality.

A liver grown in a lab by dissolving cells in a pig organ and then reinfusing it with new ones offers hope that we could create transplant organs on demand

Former MP Charlotte Leslie on the use of technology and social media by voters and political parties.

Alphabet Inc's (GOOGL.O) self-driving car unit stopped developing features that required drivers to take control in dangerous situations, its chief executive said Monday, as autopilot reliance left users prone to distractions and ill-prepared to maneuver.The decision followed experiments of the technology in Silicon Valley that showed test users napping, putting on makeup and fiddling with their phones as the vehicles traveled up to 56 mph.

It wasn't so long ago that artificial intelligence was reserved to the realm of science fiction according to the public. Skip ahead to 1997 and IBM's Deep Blue brought real artificial intelligence into the public eye when it bested Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 2 matches(though losing the series 4-2). Fast-forward to last year and AI has beat the masters in virtually every game you can think of, including Go(which is both older and more difficult than Chess). From mastering games to contemplating the meaning of life, AI has made major strides in recent years.

The YouTube video was shot on the Apple campus in September when the young woman met her father for lunch. The video was widely shared after being spotted by tech news sites and blogs that watch Apple. She said her father was fired for breaking Apple's strict policy that bans filming on its campus.

Alzheimer's disease is usually described as a degenerative neurological condition, one that is commonly associated with memory loss and confusion. There's a growing pile of research indicating that dementia might just be the traumatic culmination of numerous factors outside of the central nervous system, which could provide better targets for early diagnosis and even prevention.

Social network’s head of ads dismisses rumours that Facebook app uses smartphone mics to listen in, serving ads against what it hears. Facebook has again denied eavesdropping on conversations to target adverts, following persistent speculation on the part of users who have received suspiciously timed promotional messages.

Teenagers worldwide could be ranked on their creative thinking, under proposals for the 2021 Pisa tests.

The CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, talks with Fast Company editor Bob Safian about doubling down on innovation–and empath

Education and work in the Middle East and North Africa region will determine the livelihoods of over 300 million people and drive growth and development for generations to come.

There's a Simple Way to Convince People Mental Illness Is a Real Disease

Apple will let you unlock the iPhone X with your face—a move likely to bring facial recognition to the masses, along with concerns over how the technology may be used for nefarious purposes.

An icy comet just hurtled past the sun on a strange path that suggests it came from outside our solar system, making it the first such interloper we've ever spotted

A newly spotted asteroid might be the first known to come from outside the solar system, and it could carry information about the makeup of alien planet systems.

Online shoppers want cheap, fast deliveries so distribution warehouses are automating but at a cost in jobs.

New research from UBS and PwC shows that the number of billionaires in Asia has overtaken the US.

Finland is removing barriers between subjects, as well as classrooms.

Figures suggest young people choose subjects according to present balance of a country’s economy

There is almost no gap in scores between boys and girls, but girls report much higher levels of anxiety about exams and schoolwork.

Considering the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education to the development of the nation, Star Deep Petroleum Limited, a Chevron company and the Agbami parties in conjunction with the Lagos Business School (LBS) recently held a symposium in Lagos to deliberate on issues bordering on STEM education, the challenges and how to ensure that it is elevated to a national priority

Palestinian man questioned by Israeli police after embarrassing mistranslation of caption under photo of him leaning against bulldozer

Stephen Hawking's PhD Thesis Was Just Made Available Online For The First Time With hand-written pages!

Facebook Inc said on Monday it was testing the idea of dividing its News Feed in two, separating commercial posts from personal news in a move that could lead some businesses to increase advertising.

Researchers have developed a way to transform ordinary windows into solar-powered heaters that use the sun's energy to increase the window temperature by up to 8 K (nearly 15 °F) in cold weather. The researchers expect that the new solar thermal surfaces will lead to significant energy savings through reduced heating costs.

Ever realised you’ve driven yourself home but haven’t really been paying attention? Brain scans have shown how wandering minds switch into autopilot mode

Inbreeding has evolutionary consequences for humans.

Victoria says her face was superimposed on pornographic images shared on social media.

Crossing printed from 800 layers of concrete could take weight of 40 trucks, designers say

When Stephen Paddock opened fire Oct. 1 on concertgoers in Las Vegas, killing 59, the city became the unfortunate host of the deadliest mass shooting in US history. Investigators are still trying to piece together the events that took place that...

A decade on from suggesting light can be dramatically slowed - or even stopped - by new materials, Ortwin Hess reviews the progress and applications.

We saw gravitational waves and light at the same moment from a neutron star merger, which means Einstein was right and some alternative theories are dead

First global look estimates the massive human and financial toll caused by pollution-related health problems.

The UK government said the firms needed to inform customers when they had paid for their handsets.

It is common to hear today, in the era of big data and STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — that liberal arts degrees are, well, relatively worthless.

Secure America Now received targeted help to efficiently use its millions of dollars in ad-spending ahead of US general election in 2016, reports say. An anti-refugee campaign, Secure America Now, received targeted help from Facebook and Google to achieve the most efficient use of its millions of dollars of ad-spending in the run up to the US general election, it has been reported.

Apple Inc's shares fell nearly 3 percent on Thursday on signs of weak demand for the iPhone 8 that caused analysts and investors to question the company's staggered release strategy for its latest phones.Wireless carriers in the United States and Canada have reported slow third-quarter customer upgrades. While some expect a pickup after the iPhone X goes on sale in November, others cautioned that phone’s high price tag could weigh on demand.

The firm's assistant has fallen well short so far, but Samsung thinks it can turn things around.That, first and foremost, is Samsung’s problem. No matter how good its assistant - Bixby - may be one day, it’ll still be up against Google’s work, which has superior access to data.

If you've never heard of Juan Valderrama y Aguilar, you're not alone. As it turns out, this amateur astronomer from Spain made history when he was just 17 years old.Back in 1886, Valderrama observed the third-ever recorded instance of an exceptionally bright solar flare, and even got his results published in an academic journal. But due to historical circumstance, we're only hearing about this more than 100 years after his death.